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Media Coverage

Media Coverage: Print

Calgary Sun Feb. 12
Deniers earn media play

Time Feb. 19
Raising the Climate Stakes

The Guardian Feb. 19
Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps

The Scotsman Feb. 18
Scientists map out alarming future of coastlines

The West Australian Feb. 17
Liberal minister warns against climate change panic

AP Feb. 16
World Bank weighs sea level risks in poor areas

The Indian Express Feb. 16
Threat to climate unites us all

Chronicle of Higher Education Feb. 16
Scorched Earth (password needed)

The Boston Globe Feb. 15
Debate over global warming is shifting

The Christian Science Monitor Feb. 5
In wake of latest climate report, calls mount for global response

The Washington Post Feb. 5
Science: global climate report

Chicago Tribune Feb. 3
From global warming report, U.S. feels heat

San Francisco Chronicle Feb. 3
Climate Change Report Grim global warming prognosis for Western U.S.

The Wall Street Journal Feb. 3
Global-warming report gets U.S. emphasis

The Washington Post Feb. 3
Humans faulted for global warming

AFP Feb. 2
Warming to worsen droughts, floods, storms this century: UN panel

AP Online Feb. 2
Global Warming Unstoppable, Report Says

Los Angeles Times Feb. 2
U.N. says there's no stopping global warming

The New York Times Feb. 2
Panel issues bleak report on climate change

Reuters Feb. 2
Mankind to blame for global warming say scientists

USA Today Feb. 1
Fossil fuels are to blame, world scientists conclude

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Media Coverage: Broadcast and Web

Bloomberg.com Feb. 15
Global Warming Action Comes Too Late to Help Pacific

Washingtonpost.com Feb. 13
Science: Global Warming and the Government

MSNBC.com (HotSoup.com blog) Feb. 5
Climate change debate roils despite report

CNN Feb. 3
Scientists: Humans 'very likely' cause global warming

economist.com Feb. 2
A gloomy UN-backed report is published

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Media Coverage: Editorials and OpEd

The New York Times Feb. 6
On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty
The Washington Post Feb. 6
Global Warming's Simple Remedy
Miami Herald Feb. 5
Invest in planet's health and economy
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Feb. 4
Climate Change: No time to waste

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